Tail-kit : 200+ free Tailwind components / templates

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Hi everybody 🤘

I'm Charlie, a french JS developer 🇫🇷 I just release a free and open source project, tail-kit. It's a kit of components and templates fully coded with tailwind css 2.0 ready to copy paste.

Made with React + NextJS + Typescript 🔥

What do you think of this project ? 🙂 All comments, likes, shares, stars, contributions are welcome and really help me to improve the kit ! 👊

Here is an overview of some features

Live code editor


Tail-kit include a live code editor, you can change the components or templates code and see in live your modifications.

Dark mode


Most components and templates are implemented with a light and dark version, with the new dark mode 2.0 feature of tailwind CSS.

Templates examples

Tai-kit contains some templates like landing pages, folio pages ect. All are fully Coded and ready to copy paste.



and may other things will coming soon....

Mahtamun Hoque Fahim's photo

Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!❤

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Pretty cool

Piyush Sinha's photo

Awesome 👏👏👏

Rutik Wankhade's photo

🤩 Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Atharva Shah's photo

What a great resource. Can't thank you enough for this. Appreciated.

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Neat collection! Well done!

nguyen's photo

Nice tailwind kit. Love your stuff. Thank you for your sharing. I will share it to my friends. Hopefully, I will apply it for my next side project :)

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Excellent stuff! Thank you for sharing!

Hrithwik Bharadwaj's photo

Nice Collection. Started it on Github